I’m Owl Ears #1: Steve and Joanna

Topic: Can critical thinking combat fake news and misinformation?
Guests: Joanna Mah, Steve Lam


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Joanna Mah
Behaviour & Learning Disability Specialist / Lecturer / PhD in Disability and Inclusive Education / Founder of Stories in a Satchel / DIY & Photography enthusiast
IG: @joannalynz @storiesinasatchel @diyahmoi @joannalynzphotography

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Steve Lam
Marketing Manager / Former Digital PR Manager / Former Lecturer / MSc in Media and Communications / Musician
IG: @stevielammie

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Resource mentioned: Be Internet Awesome

In one sentence, the main takeaways I had after the chat were to slow down, be kind, and be aware of the consequences of sharing fake news and misinformation.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn from academics with rich work experiences, and appreciate their generous and valuable sharing. I also feel hopeful that there are people like Steve and Joanna going the extra miles in their work, nurturing the students in critical thinking skills, and that our future generations are more intelligent and well informed.

Perhaps it’s time we ask ourselves what parts can we play in making this world a better place for those around us.

About “I’m Owl Ears”

“I’m Owl Ears” is a series of conversation in hopes to raise awareness on the importance of critical thinking as one of the ways to combat fake news and misinformation, as well as encourage audience to take action.

I believe everyone who is active on social media has the responsibility to think twice before sharing any information. This was initiated in conjunction with the release of “Hoot”.

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