Got My 2nd Dose

Got my second dose three weeks after my first dose. The process was pretty much the same, do check out my previous blog for the detailed process.

The four main differences were

  • Change in location from the hospital lobby to the auditorium
  • No form-filling required as it has been done on the day of the first dose
  • A paper slip recording vital signs (Temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, DXT, SaO2) pre-vaccination and post-vaccination, along with notes regarding Reaction D1, Allergy and COVID-19 infection was given
  • Vaccination certificate

Here is a brief walkthrough at HQE II Kota Kinabalu, Sabah:

Some observations:

  • No file was needed. A card holder which can be seen in the video was good enough for me to keep everything (NRIC, vaccine card, queue number, the new paper slip) for easy access
  • Not sure why the location was different, perhaps the auditorium (chairs with cushion) was a more comfortable area for observation as compared to the lobby (plastic chairs)
  • The auditorium was very cold though. Bring a jacket to keep warm. Doubt that it was the chills side effect, because the staffs were wearing jackets too
  • Fortunately it was towards the end of my period, else I might need to reschedule the appointment if the body is too weak
  • Unfortunately I did not sleep well the day before, so I could not differentiate whether the tiredness that I was feeling was due to the period, lack of sleep, or the vaccine
  • Spotted a contestant from Unduk Ngadau – a cultural pageant in Sabah, wearing her crown and sash in front of me. The community has been trying to encourage the public to register for the vaccine, huge respect to that
  • Appreciate all the healthcare workers, they really care about people. Though I tried to downplay my allergy towards insect bites this round, they still took it seriously


Side effects (lasted less than 2 days):

  • Injection site pain
  • Tiredness
  • Mild headache
  • Mild muscle pain

Glad that I was spared from drastic side effects. The reason I was most interested in taking Comirnaty was because when I was doing A-Levels, dad encouraged me to look into biotechnology and genetics, so I had a rough idea of how it works. I am impressed how far the mRNA technology has come. It will be interesting to see if it could effectively treat cancer in the future.

vaccine digital certificate mysejahtera

I am only considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the second shot, because the body takes time to build immunity. During this period, it is best to stay at home whenever possible. With the highly contagious Delta variant that can cause infections to spread within 15 seconds through airborne transmission, I strongly urge everyone who is able to, to register for the vaccine. Vaccines have been proven to reduce the possibilities of being hospitalised, and that will keep our healthcare system from further collapsing. Besides taking the vaccine, wear a proper mask, social distance, have good ventilation, and always observe SOPs.

Stay safe, be kind and take care of one another.

Some perks for those who are fully vaccinated (effective 10 Aug 2021 for Phase 2):