Straw Lim

Independent artist made in Malaysia.

Music is essential to Straw and travelling plays a big part in her search for meaning in life. To date, she has travelled close to 50 countries. Straw is extremely vulnerable when she sings, mellow tones paired with gritty lyrics, intertwined with dreamy layers of vocal loops, she attempts to unfold the stories and voices gathered in her head. In 2012, Straw released an EP “Straw’s Demo”, produced and handmade with her previous band, Astrawnomi. In 2015-2019, Straw worked full time as a designer while producing her album, “Excursion”, a collection of songs inspired by her travels, which was released in September 2019. She then toured around Malaysia and Taiwan for three months. Due to COVID-19, Straw is promoting the album online from her home in North Borneo.


Astrawnomi is Straw’s space where she explores her endless creativity in art and activism.

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Why “Straw”?

Only in Malaysia, the drinking straw is commonly known as “shui cao” in Mandarin, which actually means aquatic plants. This is to reflect her unique Malaysian identity, as well as her love for water.



音乐和旅行是水草探索人生的方式,目前她已游览了將近 50 个国家。柔和的音质配上坚韧不拔的歌词,并透过歌声重叠的点缀,她试图将循环在脑海中的声音与故事,赤裸地传达给世人。

2012 年,水草發行了首張 EP「你看不見的」,由她之前的樂团 Astrawnomi 獨立並手工製作。2015-2019 年期間,水草從事多媒體設計師的全職工作的同時製作了「漫游」專輯。這張被背包旅行所啟發的專輯順利於 2019 年 9 月發行。隨後,她在馬來西亞和台灣巡迴演出了三個月。 由於疫情蔓延,水草位於北婆羅洲的家中,在線宣傳專輯。


Astrawnomi 是水草的宇宙,於藝術與行動主義之中探索無限的創意。

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​ 爲什么叫「水草」?